Monday, October 5, 2009

The Little Black Dress (and Red Patent Shoes)

So, the Target dress didn't end up being all that I hoped it would be. A will always give me an honest opinion, and while it may have been nice if I had kept losing weight, the reality was that this going on two week cold is still kicking my butt and it just wasn't right.

So, while he got a haircut and went on his own shopping excursion to Macy's, I packed up M and braved JCPenney. Their plus sized stuff all looked a little frumpy online, but I was hoping I could squeeze in to a size 16. I was impressed. They had a whole LBD section that gave me a lot to chose from so I could find the right thing for both my body and event. I ultimately went with this dress. I also got a backup dress that was safer, just in case.

A and I met back at home and compared (he also got an outfit and a spare) and he agreed that I had found the dress I had been looking for. Add to it a pair of Spanx high waist tights (yahoo!), and the fact that they still had the killer red patent peep toes at Nordstrom Rack and I found the perfect outfit.

The only downside, I could NOT find any of my makeup before we left. I am not a makeup person at all, but I can pull off a pretty good smokey eye when the occasion calls for it. Lip gloss is better than nothing, right? Too bad I always forget to reapply.

The picture really doesn't do it justice. I got compliments from everyone, including a bridesmaid who I didn't even know. (I knew none of the wedding party other than the bride, so there was nothing in it for them) It was the end of the night, we were about to go, I ate the cake, and I forgot to make sure that all of my little pleats were smoothed out before A snapped this. (thus the really dorky looking lighter black line) I guess that means it just barely fit. I just figure that means I will get to wear it more than once.

I can't thank Susan enough for encouraging me to take this kind of a chance. She helped me have the confidence to know that I could pull off this kind of a shape.

Now I just to get over this darn cold so I can get on with my goal of losing (a very petite) cheerleader. 56 or so pounds left to go.

I was not compensated in any way by the companies mentioned above. They likely have no idea who I am and didn't even ask that I write about them.


Heather said...

You look great! Hope you're feeling better.

tere said...

you are looking great. fun to see the changes and to hear how much better you feel. I think you will make the cheerleader. yeah

tere said...

nest time have your hair down it is great too

Syl (previously known as Shib) said...

Love that dress. I've seen it at Penney's and tried it on many times but never had an occasion to buy it for. Don't ask why I tried it on then!

darcie said...

YOU LOOK AWESOME! I'm glad you had great luck at JCP - they seem to have something for everyone there and I too have had great luck with them! Glad you guys got to enjoy a night out!

Jen said...

If I had been thinking I would have taken your pic before you left- sorry! I do love those shoes :)

Lori Moore said...

I'm a new reader (also on the shrinking journey), and I think you look FAB. Love those shoes!

Amelia Sprout said...

OK, so just for the record, MOM, my hair is a frizzy mess if I leave it down. It was raining and no amount of product makes up for rain. Besides, gotta show off the LONG neck, right.

Geesh, give your mom your blog address and she gets all opinionated and stuff.

Just kidding mom, I love you.

tere said...

Guess I forget all that now I live in a super dry climate. And the long necks are great. TEE HEE