Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We got the official word this week that M will be moving up to preschool in a week and a half.

Preschool. As in not a toddler any more. As in, all the heck grown up. Like next big step is Pre-K1 in a whole YEAR. Next year we'll have to start thinking about what school we want her to go to. if we want to do the neighborhood school or something in our "zone".


I am the mother of a preschooler.

We're planning big things for this whole preschool thing. We've been setting it up for months now. Preschoolers listen to their teachers. Preschoolers sit nicely when they eat. Then there is the big one, preschoolers give their Nuk's to babies. Preschoolers don't need Nuk's.

I was looking for the perfect transition away from it, and preschool seemed like the logical choice. She only uses them at home, she hasn't at daycare in some time. We're done with vacation, a situation where she could possibly need a little something extra to sleep. I am hoping everyone gets over the cold by then, since I suspect there will be a few nights of little sleep. I am hoping it goes well. Just to be sure we stick to it, we are actually "giving" the Nuk's to a friend's new baby. Not that he'll use them, but it makes it look good to M.

Ack! Preschooler! How did this happen?


Elizabeth said...

That's the same story as what we did with my son a few months ago. "Preschoolers don't use pacis." And the paci fairy came to get them and left him a present. The present was key because before that he kept saying that the next time he saw the paci fairy flying by, he was going to jump up and get her and take his pacis back! But it's actually been a much smoother process than I had feared it would be. One unintended consequence was that he went from taking a 1-2 hour nap EVERY SINGLE DAY to no naps. So he's very tired in the evenings, but at least that's made it easier for him to fall asleep I guess.

Good luck!!

Heather said...

I feel your pain. We just went on our first preschool field trip yesterday.

I love the photo! The colors are great.

Birdie said...

Oh my gosh! What a grown up little lady. And cute, cute tights! (or are those babylegs?)

Amelia Sprout said...

Babylegs. We got them as a shower gift and she's barely worn them. Just never figured it out when she was little. Now that she will only wear dresses, they are a great way to keep her a little warmer over her leggings. Must go buy more...

Christina said...

Yay preschool! Mira loves going to school two days a week. We're trying to find a way to give her 5 days a week of school simply because she enjoys it too much.

She actually pouted when Aaron picked her up today.

M will love preschool. :)

Anonymous said...

Great pic--looks like she is ready to race. Feels like that as the grow up doesn't it. Sometimes you would just as soon, sit and enjoy the scenery. Oh well hope you have chances to catch your breath as she moves out into the world.

confused homemaker said...

It's hard to watch them grow up, I still have a hard time with each kid. At the same time it's really cool to get to know them at each age.

She's looks ready to go toward that next stage. A leap.