Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pickled Dilly Green Beans

Realistically, I won't be eating much of the tomato jam that I made. It just doesn't fit with my new lower sugar lifestyle. I've already figured out what lucky family members will be getting jars of it for Christmas. These however, may never be tasted by another person. I'm pretty sure that I could eat an entire jar in one sitting.

So in love was I that I went and bought a lot more veggies at the market today so that I could pickle more things. That means there will be more posts in this canning series for sure.

I think I ended up with a little too much salt, since I had to make more pickling solution when I realized I would run out, but I am sure they will taste just fine. The proportions here are for 6 pints.

2.5 Cups Water
2.5 Cups Vinegar (One recipe I saw had more vinegar than water, so I leaned a little this way)
.25 Cups pickling salt

Each jar has 1 large clove garlic, 1 full head of seeded out dill. They will be dilly.

I used wide mouth jars that are shorter than standard mouth, mostly because I don't have a funnel for putting in the liquid. I thought it would be easier. That turned out to be a slight problem because the beans were just a wee bit too tall. I had to smush them down and break them to make them close right.

Of the 12 jars I made (one was only half full, hehe) one didn't seal enough. It is in the fridge and I've already tried one. They are good already, but really should sit for a few weeks minimum to soak up all of the garlic/dill goodness.

PS. All ingredients except the salt and vinegar were procured at the Thursday downtown Farmer's Market. Yay local!


confused homemaker said...

Good work, they sound delish!

tere said...

I may have to come and steal a jar?
boo hoo. I get a box of peaches tomorrow. I'll trade!!
love tere mom

The Fritz Facts said...

Those do look Yummy! Nice job!