Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bert's Cabins

Dear Bert's Cabins,

We loved you. OK, so we loved most of you.

We loved your charm, your trees, your smells, your free grill to use, your fireplace (though it was too warm to use it), your fully equipped kitchen, and the fact that you are in Itasca.

The beds were a little firm for my taste.

There aren't many places up Nort' that have been around as long as you have. Knowing we were supporting a local family business was part of the appeal. The wireless internet (even though we never actually got it to work) was also a nice touch.

We heard an owl out the window, grilled good food, let M have her first s'more, and just relaxed.

Thank you for making the last part of our family vacation so wonderful. I have no doubt that we will be back. Next time, I won't forget the salt and pepper.


A. Sprout & Family


tere said...

Here I thought it was because of B you liked them. Have to carry your own memory foam! The sounds of the woods are wonderful.

Rebecca said...