Friday, June 26, 2009

Yeah, I got nothing.

It has been an extremely challenging week at work. It feels of the old days of long days at the office and endless hours on call and fixing broken things at night. I missed it a little, but I know I am not ready to go back to that world just yet. There is a short person who demands my time. Fortunately most of the work has been doable after 7 PM, so I miss little time with her. I just know this isn't sustainable, so happily in my position I will stay. (this isn't the kind of thing we deal with regularly)

So, more garden photos it is:
I'm not sure I've ever seen such a lush tomato blossom. This is I think a Yellow Brandywine. One to two pounds eventually. All of my original tomatoes have now outgrown my stakes. They're huge!
I may have upped the purple a little, but the contrast is just about that striking. I'm a sucker for purple plants.

The first garden pea. Only an inch long, but growing very fast.

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Rebecca said...

Inspired. Taking the camera out today!