Monday, June 15, 2009

Local Love - Mexican Food

One of the only deficits I found when living in NYC was Mexican food. I'm sure if I had gone to the right neighborhood I would have found it, but it didn't happen. Here in Minnesota, that isn't a problem at all. Chinese is another story however.

I have three favorite Mexican places to go. Two are relatively recent finds, and one I have been going for over 30 years. (It will be 32 this August in fact) They are all locally owned and run.

Boca Chica's Taco House - This is the fast food version of the restaurant across the street in the Del Sol neighborhood in St. Paul. I was raised on their bean burritos, I crave their tostadas, and their chicken mole burritos are a special treat. They still use real cheese, and you can get fried flour tacos there. Corn tacos are soft, just the way I like them. The best part though is their salsa. An all fresh, spicy bit of perfection.

Taquería Los Ocampo - Masa, the corn dough base of tamales and tacos can be used to make all kinds of creations. I read a review of these guys once that called them the masters of masa, and I think it is true. The huaraches are masa and bean boats filled with meat and topped with queso fresco, avocados and tomatoes. When I was in the hospital, after giving birth to M, this is where I made A go and get me food from. (at least I think I did, if I didn't, I should have) They have two other locations besides the MGM, but since they are kitty corner from Salty Tart, that is where we usually go.

La Loma - I'm pretty sure that if I had to pick favorite foods, their Oaxaqueno tamales would be at least top five. Somewhere close after that would be the sweet corn ones. What makes them so special I think is that they mix a little of the meat and seasoning in to the masa itself. It makes the whole thing so flavorful. You can get bulk tamales to go at their Mercado Central location, or get their tamales plus breakfast all day at the MGM. If you're not feeling like you want to go to the city, you can get chicken and pork tamales at most Cub stores.

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