Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How about some questions?

Mostly parenting related, but some gardening too.

Toddler bed or twin bed? We found M with her foot resting on the top of the side of her crib a couple of nights ago. She was trying to escape and if I hadn't scared the crap out of her, she would have likely fallen pretty horribly. That combined with the diaper removal last week, and I think it is time to take the plunge. We have access to a free toddler bed, but would have to pay for a twin. I worry about transitioning twice.

Just how much can you prune off of a tomato and have it survive? I should have caged mine, I did not, they are falling over. I need cages, stat! I also need to cut them down. I have tiny tomatoes, so I'm trying to cut enough, without it being too much.

Two years old too young for fireworks? We could likely drive not that far and see some. Her bedtime is 7, she is up until 8, but they won't start around here until close to 10. I'm thinking one more year.

Why can't anyone figure out that women have larger feet than a 10? I swear to god it is starting to drive me absolutely batty that I have such limited choices in shoes. I need some dressy but comfy shoes for BlogHer, and for work. Anyone out there to prove me wrong? My left foot is an 11.5, my right is an 11. I can do 11-12 depending on style. Seriously. Show me that cute and comfy exists in larger sizes. I will love you forever.


tere said...

As tall as M is I'd say go for the twin. Tomatoes can take quite a pruning, by clipping the ends you make it bush out more. you can just put stakes in, then tie them to the stakes with rags (remember?)
some of the cheap places have size 11-12 but I find them ugly and not something i'd like to wear. Earth shoes have larger sizes and some nice styles.
hope this is helpful see you soon.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

We started by taking the moveable side off the crib, then moved to a twin bed. I think tere is right - she's a tall girl & would likely outgrow the toddler bed before long.

I'd say still too young for (up late) fireworks. This is the first year I'm going to try to have Pumpkin (4.8 yo) stay up/wake up for fireworks & we'll only have to go outside & walk less than a block to a park for a good view. I would've done that last year had the booms waken her up, but they didn't.

Good luck with the shoes. But hey, I bet you can find some great deals on sales/clearance! My size is always way picked over. Have you tried a good department store's clearance rack? I remember getting nice girls' shoes there for guy when costuming back in the day, and the prices were good. Maybe a lunch hour excursion in DT?

yasmara said...

We moved our 2.5 year old into the toddler bed (his crib was convertible so we went with what was free). With our older son we went straight to a twin bed with a bedrail because the crib we had then wasn't convertible (and fell apart, but that's another story). I think the major transition is to the idea of "bed" instead of "crib." "Bed" to "new bed" is not that big of a deal. Free is good & you can always get her a twin in another year or two.

Beware, we had a 2 week honeymoon period with our younger son where we thought his transition from crib to bed would be as easy as my older son's...and then the penny dropped for him and he realized he could get OUT whenever he wanted. We found him wandering around the dark house, climbing up the stairs to look for us in our bedroom, etc. We finally had to resort to a child-proof doorknob cover on the inside of his door to keep him in his room. We then had some very, very difficult weeks of bedtime (going back to the crib wasn't an option because he would try to climb out & it was too high to be safe). There was a lot of silent putting him back in his bed over & over. He's gotten over it now, though, and has no problem staying in bed.

My 4 year old still hasn't seen any fireworks because his bedtime is between 7:30 & 8 (let alone the 2.5 year old). If we kept him up 'til 10 he would probably NOT sleep in to make it up the next day. I have recent proof from a parade we stayed up for. He wasn't asleep until almost 9...and was up by 6 the next morning and cranky cranky cranky. I figure there will be a lot of years ahead when staying up late doesn't have so many negative consequences for him (and us). My friend kept her son up last year to watch them (age 3) and he ended up being afraid of the noise. Depends on the kid, I guess, but for a kid who usually goes to bed at 7, 10 is a looong time to wait for something she may not really understand or like.

Nordstrom Rack at the MOA usually has larger sizes & dressier shoes significantly discounted from Nordstrom's usual prices.

Amelia Sprout said...

I love the Nordstrom Rack, and I'm thrilled that they are going to have one in Maple Grove this fall.

You know the selection just isn't the same in the larger sizes though.

April said...

on the bed - i would say if you have a free toddler bed, go for it. but if you have to pay for one then i'd go straight to the twin.

tomato plant - no idea. wish i knew. wish i grew things.

fireworks - my 2yo likes them, but i wouldn't want to keep him up that late. he's a disaster the next day when he stays up late. if M tolerates a late night well, though, it might be a fun treat :-)

shoes - i wear flip flops. sorry.

Lisa30 said...

Hi -- found you through Twitter. My daughter will be 2 in a few weeks and we but her in a toddler bed about 4 months ago. We debated between the two but it came down to price. The toddler bed is so cute, small and simple it will be easy to transition again I think when the time is right. With the toddler bed it is inexpensive, more freedom than the crib, but still uses the same mattress. With a twin -- more costly. The mattress, frame, and rails to keep them from falling out.

I don't think a second transition will be bad later. For free I'd choose the toddler bed.

Oh, my daughter liked fireworks last year at one. Intrigued by them anyway. I will have her watch this year as well. We will be with extended family so I know she will stay up late with her cousins anyway. Sunday will be a big nap day. It's ok. ;-)

darcie said...

When we first started the transition we put the (twin) mattress on the floor - it was way less scary for her to fall out of - and she did!! We now have it set up how it's supposed to be and I think she'll be old and married before we get rid of the bed rails! She's a mover that one! WHEN she finally falls asleep~as you know I struggle with it! For us, it came down to practicality - a twin bed means if we have overnight company the kid can bunk with us and Grandma can sleep in the kid's room - you know - if hell ever freezes over! But it also means that one of us can snuggle up next to her, lie in her bed and read stories, etc etc - I thought we'd get WAAAY more use out of the twin bed than the toddler bed - seemed more cost effective in the long run. For now - just plop the crib mattress in the corner on the floor and see if she stays put in her room!

Marketing Mama said...

On the bed front - we went back and forth and ultimately went with... a FULL SIZE! :)

It was our guest bed. We put the mattress on the floor and kept it there for a couple of months, then added the boxspring for height.. then about 6 months later (?) we finally put it up on frame. Worked great.

Ironically his new favorite thing to do is sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor and go camping. hmph.

Shanu said...

Tomatoes: I had to prune mine last year so I could stain the fence. You'll be fine. If they are the suckering kind (um, vine vs. bush ), there are some that advocate pinching all the suckers. You could start there. A sucker it a sprout out of the place where a leaf's stem meets a branch. If left, it form another huge branch of plant.