Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dino PJ's and Butterfly Tattoos

Dudes! That picture there represents some pure awesomeness. That is a temporary tattoo bribe. The holy grail of potty bribes for pooping in the potty (I coordinated bribes with daycare to make things easier). She's been raking in the stickers and M's for a couple of weeks now, accident free other than naps & nighttime. Oh, yeah, except the poop in the undies. All of that "get the poop stain out" magic I had to work when she was little has come in handy again (Dreft Stain Remover & Oxyclean thank you to my friend J, you know who you are). She's been a stand up pooper (you know, not a squatter) so I was totally shocked today when I heard the grunting in the bathroom and found a very stinky turd floating there. (seriously, how do such small creatures create such large turds) I'm not holding my breath that this keeps up, but I'll take one less set of dirty undies.

In other news, her low grade fever has now gone on for a whole near two weeks. We've gone as high as 100.7 in the evenings, and missed three days of daycare. Without it being a full blown illness, I'll be damned if I know that the F is going on. We go to the Dr. tomorrow.

Also, my tomatoes have outgrown their stakes and have a crap load of flowers on them. I'm twitterpated with excitement. Something is eating tiny holes in my jalapenos and I'm getting pissed about it, but they still have a ton of flowers. I also have one lone pea on one of the pea plants, with more on the way. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Oh, and yes, that is my little girl wearing dino PJ's. Because until they start making the female legends of science pull-ups that my friend Kristen suggested, it is the least I can do to encourage her analytical mind.

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Marketing Mama said...

I totally didn't know that temp. tattoos were good bribe material. GOOD to know - thanks. :)