Thursday, April 2, 2009

Walking to the music

Tonight I decided against more shredding (I think I need a break and a reason to get outside) and went for a nice long walk. I brought along my wee little Shuffle.

About a week ago, after getting sick of the music on the Shred, I got it out and loaded it up with some new music. It is all very good, and quite varied. From Big Audio Dynamite II, The Streets, Fleetwood Mac, B21 (from the Bend It Like Beckham soundtrack), to Duffy and Cheb Mami, it pretty much circles the globe. (heh, sorry BAD joke, oo, even worse) It works well, but with what I have in mind for exercise, it will get stale fast.

I need some new music, and I'm looking for suggestions. I prefer global music, possibly more dance type music, and definitely up beat. I love the Bend It Like Beckham soundtrack, but haven't found anything else by any of those artists. I think I have a pretty diverse group of readers, so help me out. What is good, interesting, workout music.

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ShoNuff said...

You might try King Sunny Ade. Good up pace African music with lots of rhythm. I've got a disco of it if you want to borrow it sometime.