Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shredded Whee!

I have no idea what has come over me. In the past few days I have actively turned down some treats, made reasonably healthy choices, and just been, good. I have not eaten, even though I really wanted to or was offered: McDonald's breakfast, a Shamrock Shake, chocolate (I know!), french fries and a scone, a really good scone.

Tonight though, takes the cake (oh, I'm funny).

I exercised.

Maybe it is Christina's fault, or Kristen's, or maybe it was finding some old pictures of me from when I was smokin' hot in high school. (I should scan them for proof) No matter what, I do believe I may actually stick with it. To prove it, I'm posting pictures so y'all can mock me into sticking with it.

a) Before pictures

OK, these are coming. I forgot my camera at work, but I promise, they're coming. It will be embarrassing, there will be a sports bra that is a size too small involved. (but damn the girls like to be contained when doing jumping jacks)

Edited: Um, fair warning. They ain't pretty at all.

b) Tag Line

I will shop at the Gap again.

c) Weight

The scale this morning said 240, the lowest it has been since before I got pregnant.
My BMI is 36.5, making me very much obese.

d) Goal

For March, I'd like to lose 10 pounds, but by July (and BlogHer) I'd like to be at or below 200. Putting me in the "just fat" range.

e) Diet Plan

What I've been doing. Less and less sugar, lower fat, smaller portions. However, room to splurge if I have been good. I will be having a Shamrock Shake this Saturday for my friend K's birthday party. No counting calories/points. It just makes me want to be a bad girl.

f) Personal Rules (not eating carbs, only drinking water)

I don't drink soda any more, I need to keep drinking more water, no HFCS.

g) Shred Plan (how often, what level, etc.)

Level 1, at least twice a week. Three or four times a week by the end of the month. If it is 40 degrees outside, I'll go for a walk. I will also park farther away from work/daycare.


Marketing Mama said...

I am just now catching up on many of your posts so this comment has many comments!

First, about this post and your plan - I am totally impressed with your transparency! And I look forward to cheering you on.

Second, congrats on the decision to go to BlogHer. Sounds awesome and I bet you'll have a great time. Please do tell us all about it when you get home.

Third, so sorry to hear about your wallet. That REALLY sucks! Great thing you were able to cancel everything so quickly!

April said...

congratulations, this sounds like a fantastic goal. one that you've already taken several steps towards reaching :-D

Shib said...

Ah man, you reminded me thaqt I bought the shred DVD and have no idea where it is!

Allison Says said...

Woo hoo!

Good luck to you :)

I cut out soda a long time ago, and it made a difference instantly.

RookieMom Whitney said...

I'm doing some modifications right now too, and it isn't easy. I feel encouraged when I see results, so that keeps me going. And, I recommend setting up non-food rewards for yourself. After week one, I got a pedicure, week 2 a message (expensive, i know) and week 3 will earn me a pair of jeans. the real reward will be having set a reasonable goal (which I see you are doing) and achieving it!

Christina said...

How do I keep getting blamed for this fitness thing? :) You're the second or third person to blame me today, lol.

mothergoosemouse said...

Yay! Forgive me if this sounds ridiculous, but I'm really proud of you. I know it's not easy. You totally rock for throwing yourself into it.

darcie said...

You go girl!

Krystle said...

Good For you! Your diet plan/lifestyle sounds alot like mine. I'm starting the shred today... :)

I posted some before pictures too on my diet blog... it's a scary feeling, but much needed. :)