Monday, March 2, 2009

Mystery of Pareting #1

Before I was a parent, I marveled at other parents ability to be be unphased by bodily fluids. Growing up I would have never imagined dealing so casually with the things that come out of my daughter. Fortunately it started slow, breast milk poops, a little spit up here and there, then solid food poops, puking, and most recently, a nasty little stomach bug (when diaper changes require TWO people).

Now, the thought of the possibilities doesn't skeeve me out so much as make me fear the cleanup. Really, "can I get it out of her bed, clothes, carpet..." is all I worry about, not actually having to touch it.

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Sarah @ said...

Lol, my parenting mystery is how to parents keep up with all that energy their kids have? Little kids tire me out!