Saturday, March 21, 2009

And now for the shoes

I love shoes. Up until I had M, no matter what I weighed, shoes were always there for me. (after, not so much with the size 11 1/2 shoes)

Unfortunately, I seem to be passing this love of shoes on to M. She usually has about three pairs in a given size. One seasonal (boots or sandals), one pair of casual MJ's, and one pair of sneakers. I know, I have a problem.

However, I've managed to score some pretty good deals on kids shoes online. I won a pair of See Kai Run back when she was starting to walk, and just recently I won a pair of Keen's from Tiny Soles. (check out the blog where the winning stuff happens here)

I was totally excited because I am in love with my Keens. I'd looked at kid Keens, but since M outgrew the "infant" sole awhile back, I figured they were too stiff. I was wrong, Keen does the "infant" sole up to size 10 in some styles. Also, with her foot growth, M is now wearing a size that gets a little more flexible. So, we got the adorable Payson for the purchased pair, and for the pair I won, we got a Ventura. The Payson's run small, so they emailed me right away and based on the shoes she has here, and how they fit, made sure I got the right size. Which is way more attention then some placed we've gone in to.

M loves them. They are her new favorite shoes, and I love that she isn't destroying the toes on them. (something that happened the first day she wore her Pedipeds to daycare) I only wish the "infant" sole was available in more sizes. That flexibility is a huge selling point for my Keen's and it would be nice if they were all that flexible.


A little only slightly related shoe note, in the form of a letter.

Dear Running Room,

Not all women who want to run have "normal" sized feet. If you're going to specialize in running shoes, consider carrying all sizes that smart companies like New Balance make. I know they make them, don't tell me that they don't. I would have easily spent money at your store if you carried my size.


Big Foot who had to deal with icky man at local big shoe place who gave her the wrong shoe for what she needs so she had to drive another 50 miles to get help from someone with a clue.


Jen said...

where did you go instead? or was it just a different location?

Amelia Sprout said...

Schuler Shoes. They carry larger sizes, which is nice. But finding a person who knows running isn't always easy. First guy had me buy something totally wrong. Then I found Dale in the Maple Grove store, he rocks.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

I have a foot problem and have to try on tons of shoes to get the right fit-- next time you think you know what you want try, I've used them for years-- you can order and try on as many pairs as you want and they ship for free and you return ship for free- it's fantastic. And they're customer service is incredible. The owner has a great blog and is like some kind of twitter superstar.

Found your blog thru marketing mama-- it's great.