Friday, March 20, 2009

And done with the drama.

So, sick of reading about my daycare drama yet? Sorry to just spew it out, but doing that really helped me deal with how I felt about the whole thing.

Here is my final thought. Our local newspaper (Strib) is in Chapter 11. Like a lot of newspapers, they are struggling with finding their place in this new world of social networking, blogs, and "new media". There are some parts I think they are getting right. I adore their parenting blog, Cribsheet. I'm a regular commenter there.

However, sometimes it feels like they just post articles to make a stink. As much as I thought I would have enjoyed comments on news articles if you had asked me years ago, now I hate them. Newspapers seem to bring out the worst kind of trolls and chicken shit assholes. You know that they wouldn't be saying that kind of stuff to your face. (this is home of Minnesota Nice after all)

I feel like the article was posted without proper research, without regard for what that proper research would have done to it, just to shock and create traffic through nasty comments. If you really think there is an issues with day cares, or with how employees are treated, then find the real story. At M's old daycare (thanks A for reminding me of this) the preschool teacher regularly dragged kids around by their arms, berated them and insulted them. Talk about educators who are so burned out that they're verbally abusing the kids in their classes. Talk about how hard it is to get quality childcare, no matter what the cost. Talk about things that really make a difference, not a specific and very personal attack on an organization that from my point of view is really quality.

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Fiona Picklebottom said...

I hope you're feeling better about it all, and I assume M is doing fine? Speaking of which, I think you may have accidentally used her name in this post. I've only seen you refer to her as M, so I thought I'd let you know, in case it was a slip.