Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Part One:

About a week ago I braved the pain and waxed my chin. Not well, but enough so that I could tell the progress of the medication I am taking. It was time, and I squeezed it in before M and I left the house. A week later, the hair that had grown back was less, and less dark and wiry. (Normally it is more guy like than I care to think about) It would seem that the medication is either slowing down or thinning the hair growth. Maybe even both. I needed to leave work early yesterday to cut down on my hours for the week, so I made a last minute appointment to get my whole face waxed. I figured that even if it cuts down on the growth a little it would be worth it.

It hurt, oh did it hurt. I remember why I don't do this. Then there is the price tag, also not something I could afford to do regularly. But it looks good. I'm already breaking out a little, but I'm hopeful that there is a noticeable change to make it all worth it. I'm planning on maybe doing a flickr set or something to show the progress as it regrows. Maybe help someone else in my same situation, and to remind myself why I am doing it.

The woman who did it was very nice, talking to me to distract me from the pain. She asked good questions, was surprised by how fast it could grow back, and was very sweet overall. She asked what A thought of it. I answered with what I thought was right, and confirmed with him last night. He doesn't really notice or think about it. He only worries about what it does for my self esteem. He's the best. Many guys I know wouldn't react that way.

Part Two:

I had a little time to kill before my appointment to get tortured, so I went down to Target. The new jeans I got had almost immediately gotten a little big. Maybe I should have tried on a smaller size when I got them, but either way, I could now remove them without unbuttoning them. I tried on the smaller size, and they fit great. So great I got two pairs. The best feeling about having lost weight this time is that I've done it through small changes and it hasn't felt like work.

That doesn't mean that work isn't coming. I got test results back from the endocrinologist. (follow up to check potassium levels and a few other things) If I am reading things right, I'm becoming insulin resistant. Nothing serious enough to get me in earlier than my six month follow up. (her note said we could talk about it then) However, I know what it means. It means I need to spend the next six months continuing to make progress. I know for me doing it slowly means I will stick with it, but now that I've cut down on fried things, sugar needs to be next.


Jill said...

You look great! And the smile alone says it did wonders for your self-esteem! Yay, you!

Marketing Mama said...

Awesome. I say it's worth every penny for you to feel better about yourself. Good news about the weight, too! Have a great weekend!

tere said...

Great on the pants!!


Glad to see pics of you again can see the weight loss.

joy says smaller meals, balance of proteins carbs and fats in one meal. you can find the glycemic index of foods so you know how fast foods are taken in by the body--- Cinnamon is great to regulate blood sugar
"Pro glyco sp" is a supplement. Also getting your omegas oils.
The Glycemic index diet
the rosedale diet
The insulin resistance diet
The Zone

good luck

April said...

yay for progress!!! congrats :-)

Shib said...

The one size down pants in the dressing room has reduced me to tears sometimes. I understand exactly how that feels.

Fried foods are the worst. I indulged in a small fries at Mickey D's yesterday and when I put it into my calorie counting application on my phone, I was horrified. It had alsmot 300 calories. The frozen lunches I take to work that I can't even finish a whole of? They have 315 calories in them. So not worth it, those fries.