Friday, January 30, 2009

You never know how much water...

... your body is made of until it tries to get rid of it. All at once.

The diuretic is kicking my ass. I drink, I pee, I drink, I pee. I also don't sleep because if I get up while M is restless she wakes up and then I really don't sleep, so I lay in bed trying not to think about having to pee. Eventually when I do get up, I feel better, but then I can't fall back asleep very well. And then I have to pee again.

I owe a lot to a coworker of mine who was very open about her experience with preeclampsia. If it wasn't for her, I would have never been as prepared as I was for how they would react and what would happen when my slowly creeping higher blood pressure finally turned ugly. One of the things she told me about was that after she gave birth, while recovering from her emergency c-section, all of a sudden her body got rid of the water it was retaining. She said it seemed like she peed for a day. After I gave birth, I wanted that so bad. The magnesium had made me extra bloated, and in the time leading up to M's birth, the edema had made me uncomfortable and itchy. It didn't happen, it was slow, and the itching sucked.

What is happening now, is what I thought would happen then. I'm sort of hoping it wears off a little after I shed all of my water weight (almost five pounds in two days). I know I will always deal with this side effect a little and need to stay hydrated all the time. I just hope it is worth it.

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