Sunday, January 11, 2009

The days are getting longer, right?

Sorry for the delay in being here, I've been busy dealing with a toddler who is getting her teeth (two year molars) and having another growth spurt (Yay, 3T pants?), and finding an old love again in knitting. I used to be a knitting machine, but I haven't felt like I've had the time. However, it is winter, and I find that there is therapy in knitting. Something I need since there is so little sun this time of year. It helps me focus (and keeps me from drowning my sorrows in chocolate).

I've also been working on my usual winter cleaning and organizing spree. It is my version of cabin fever. It helps accommodate any new things we received for the holidays, and feel like there is something fresh in our lives when everything outside is dead.

We've already taken care of getting M's new toys in her room. We anticipated that a little and added more storage to the basement to clean out things she had outgrown. The next project is my bookcase in the office.

So, next weekend I think I will be off to Ikea, after I survive this week. M may have an ear infection, pink eye, or just a really bad cold and those darn teeth. Drat!


April said...

would love to see your knitting! i crochet, but my abilities are limited :-/ LOL!

Rebecca said...

The sun sets one minute later each day, and the sun comes up one minute earlier everyfew days. Yay!