Monday, January 12, 2009

The crackers on your boot are not a snack for later.

M woke up this morning with her one eye crusted shut, so there was no doubt it was pink eye. Her nose has been running non stop for days, so it really was a matter of time. I did give her drops last night (leftovers, shhhh, don't tell) to make sure that she would only miss one day of daycare if I was right. However, I didn't have enough for a full course, so we were off to the Dr. this morning.

I was right about it. A bad cold that most likely that caused the pink eye. Her sinuses just boiled over to her eye so to speak. Her ears were clear (yay tubes!), so that was good. We even managed to see one of the Dr's I like. She commented on how different M is now and how much she is talking (no kidding).

By the time we left the snow had started in full force, so I was giving my attention to the slippery roads and just happened to glance back at M. She was sitting picking snow/ice/salt (I hope) and who knows what else off the bottom of her boot and eating it. It would seem the molars coming in (confirmed by a slightly shocked Dr.) mean that she will put anything in her mouth. She likes snow, metal, dog toys, fingers, and just about anything that fits.

I will admit that I reacted pretty strongly to it. I just don't know how to get it through to her that some things are just that dangerous. Chemical deicers I doubt are good for kids. Neither is removing your boots and socks in the middle of winter in Minnesota. Something else she does all the time (then eats her toe jam, ew). So what do you do? How do you do the danger thing without permanently traumatizing them? She really can't be reasoned with yet, so I'm feeling stuck. I also have a feeling that two is going to be a hard year for us. The teeth are just the beginning...


Rebecca said...

You know, our doctor encouraged us to reuse the drops for later cases of pink eye. She said, why buy a new bottle each time? She said that if we see pink eye again, on either child, feel free to use the drops again.

Christina said...

Mira is getting her second molars, too. What a pain.

As for what to do - this is one of those situations when it's OK to freak them out. In that case, I'd use a sharp no or some other loud warning, possibly making her cry. When they're in real danger is the time to use the scary voice. (And eating possible poison counts as real danger.)

Some people over-use the scary voice, and others don't use it enough. In my (limited) experience, using it to surprise your child works to reinforce the message.

(YMMV and all that. I'm no expert by any means, of course.)