Monday, December 15, 2008

Really, it is a dry cold. It isn't that bad.

For those of you not in Minnesota, lucky you. It is cold here. Colder than it should be in December. Which is sort of a cruel joke because the weather is all messed up and last weekend it was warmer than it should be in Minnesota. Global warming sort of sucks. And we might lose all of our moose because of it. Which is too bad, because M now says "moose" but it comes out more like "mooshe".

I actually like winter. It is one of the reasons I moved back here. I really do like the seasons. However, I can't help but think that mother nature just likes messing with us here. It is silly hot and humid in summer, and in winter your snot freezes halfway up your nose. Sure, there are all kinds of fun winter things to do like ice skating. However, by the time it is cold enough to actually skate on any of our 10,000+ bodies of water, you don't want to be outside because more than your snot is freezing. Then it warms up enough to be comfy but you may fall through the ice. Those wonderful western European/New England scenes of girls wearing fifteen skirts and skating around the lake with their hands in a muff just don't seem possible when the high temp is somewhere around -15.

M can actually tell that the lake pond we drive by regularly is actually still water, despite it being frozen. That she remembers and makes the connection pretty much amazes me. It makes me a little sad that I can't let her out to play on the ice or anything. It is just too cold. Because of that I'm thinking about taking a class with this winter. Either the Y or maybe Little Gym. Anyone local have anything they've liked? If I don't find a way for her to get some exercise this winter, you may find me in the loony bin again come March. (which is when it turns out she'll be moving up to older toddlers at daycare. *sniff* so fast...)


Birdie said...

Oh, I know! We haven't been quite that cold here in Wyo, but anything below zero is, well, below zero. Brrrr.

And Otto's moving up to the toddler classroom on Jan 5...I'm gonna bawl, I just know it.

Mugsy said...

I know it's cold there. People keep telling me so, but I actually miss it. I guess I liked layering up to go out doors!

darcie said...

Let me know what you find out about The Little Gym - There's one near my hosue and while I'm told we can attend one class for free - I've also been told that it's $175.00 for 10 sessions - at $17.00 for an hour long session - I'm just not sure it's worth it - but would love to hear from others who've maybe been there done that?