Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh, right I have a blog

Sorry for the absence. It was my on call week for work and I spent a good portion of last week working in the evenings for that. It leaves me drained and out of energy usually. I also had a lot of holiday things to get done. Some last minute shopping for stocking stuffers, in store returns of things ordered online that didn't fit, and trying to spend time with my husband (who really just wanted the laptop).

There was also the Macy's field trip for daycare (really should go see it), the holiday party at daycare, dropping off my adopt a family gifts. Oh yeah, and lots of snow, and the near blizzard yesterday.

We (I) got M out in the snow yesterday before it got too cold. It was worth it, even if she did want to shovel more than play in the snow.

I have all kinds of things I want to write about, but right now they are all escaping me. Maybe I will have more energy after I bake more cookies (yeah right...)

Or maybe after the super simple gingerbread house is done...

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