Sunday, October 19, 2008

Starting to talk...

We were sitting reading one of M's favorite books, Baby's First 100 Animals, when we got to the bird page. She points, says her usually "Wha dis?", and I say, "Hornbill", to which she says, complete with hand motions to go with it, "Beep, beep".

She also randomly names body parts, or items of clothing, at odd times. Today were on the swings at the park, swinging next to another little girl, and she started pointing at her feet and saying "Shoes" repeatedly.

She now says "choo choo" for the trains, especially if you make the "chugga chugga" sounds for her, then pause for her choo choo.

It finally feels like we are catching up from the delays from her ear issues. Just in time for her to start getting fluid in her ears again, of course. Sounds like perhaps we will not be able to get away with one set of tubes.

Because I can't resist, a weekend pumpkin picking picture. I don't show her face her, so you would think they would be a random faceless picture that is blog safe, but no, it is the best shot I got. I spent most of my time keeping her out of the rotten pumpkin mess.

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