Saturday, October 18, 2008

In which I eat my words...

I swore to a friend of mine, shortly before meeting A that I would never ever date another gamer. No, not computer games (though there are those in our life too), but you know, D & D, GURPS, Rolemaster (if you recognized any of the last couple, well, here's to you). You see, being the geeky, theater loving small town girl that I was, I was once a gamer too.

So I swore no more, never again. Then I used a quote from Monty Python on my online personal ad. Yeah... ok, so maybe I didn't really mean it.

A was and still sort of is a gamer. He's also a collector. Which means that the third bedroom in our house is full of books, miniatures, and well, more books. There are also our computers, since well, we're both professional geeks.

While I wouldn't call it a man cave, it is most definitely our cave. Parenthood has slowed our collecting, since we would rather spend time with M than just about anything else. Our new found status as hermits does mean that we're in here an awful lot. So much so we're planning on moving rooms around to give it more space to be a family friendly room.

Here is a part of A's collection.

Lest you think I am innocent, here is part of mine. The good books life in the living room.

I should totally do a contest to see if you can see what icon of Monty Python is in his, and what amazing published blogger's book is in mine.

This post is part of a blog blast from Parent Bloggers Network, sponsored by Bill Me Later. Because you know if I win, I'm totally using the money to buy more books from Amazon. Write your own post to enter, let your cave show!

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