Thursday, October 16, 2008

Someone always says it better than me...

Some of you know that with M I had preeclampsia. I was very very lucky. It came on slowly, with some warning, and late enough in my pregnancy that it was essentially a non issue. However, I was lucky, more lucky than I realized at the time.

What causes it is unknown, and there is no real prediction for if it will happen in a second pregnancy. What is known is that your risk of developing it increases. My one and only known risk factor is my weight. My losing weight is a major consideration for having another child. Also, not so shockingly, is if a certain geriatric PTSD suffering wife insulting old dude gets elected, (who for the record I actually liked a decent bit eight years ago, but feelings change) because if he has his way, getting sick again really could mean I die, not just a multitude of other bad stuff (like losing a child).

Alexa put it better than I ever could. This is something we all should care about. Julie also is more eloquent than I am.

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WaltzInExile said...

Alexa IS very eloquent, but EVERY VOICE counts, and is needed, on this one. And you have cred to back yours up. I'm so glad for you that everything turned out okay; best wishes for future success without intervention from a CGPTSDSWIOD