Thursday, October 16, 2008

Development of the No's

While I adored and sometimes really miss the little ball o' baby, the snuggly bug who would be happy just being held and held, this whole new adventure is pretty neat too. I may just be weird, but I'm totally enjoying watching her go from totally dependent, to in independent and free thinking human being. It is like my own little psychology/sociology experiment. Except, you know, I'm not experimenting, I'm trying to follow all of the rules.

It started about a month ago with her discovering the word no. Up until then, she was pretty compliant with what we told her, but would occasionally have a little mini meltdown if things didn't totally go her way. No was huge. No was life changing. She didn't have to get her diapered changed if she didn't want to. She could say no. She didn't have to eat her carrots, she could say no.

She practiced it regularly, even if she really meant yes. Mostly she practiced at home, but lately she's been expanding her practice to daycare. However, we've been holding her to those no's even when we know she means yes.

She's now added head nodding yes, even if she doesn't say the word. However, the best thing is when you give her a choice, and it is the one she wants she says something inbetween "woah" and Scooby Doo. Sort of a wororohh. If I could predict when she'll do it, I'd capture it on film for the grandparents. This progress is fun, it has prompted me to offer her odd ball choices just to see what she'll do. Things like, would you like to wear a spoon on your head.

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