Friday, October 24, 2008

A little reward for making it.

Tonight I braved the world of not having to nurse and worked late. Something I haven't done since I got pregnant and started going to bed at 6 PM. It was supposed to be OT, but my little plumbing adventure earlier this week sort of killed that one. Instead it was just making up time so I don't need to take more time off. Bah! I would have rather had the cash.

In the old days, pre kid I would have headed to the bar afterward. After all, a long night of moving computer equipment is perfectly ended by a night of drinking with your coworkers and making inappropriate comments. As the lone woman in many an IT departments, and having been a theater geek in high school, I can hold my own in the raunchiest of conversations. Not at my current company though, oh no, I'm the model of professionalism here.

Tonight after finishing up, I debated going out. After all, M was already asleep, so I wouldn't be rushing home to see her to bed. I'd called before bedtime and said night night. However, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. The new crowd at work is younger, and I am that old lady with the kid. So instead I headed home, and decided to celebrate my new ability to drink without consequence and head to the liquore store first.

Man, am I ever glad that I did. I'd seen Fat Tire on tap at some bars recently, but since I hadn't been to a liquor store in a couple of years, I didn't know that they were actually distributing locally. Yay! Yahoo! Sweet! Yipee! That gives at least six good Belgian style beers you can get, including all of the Blue Moon offerings. I picked a six pack of Fat Tire and one other, and when I got home realized someone had been mixing six packs so I actually got three different kinds of beer. This would be me doing the happy dance... and drinking.

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RookieMom Whitney said...

We are down to one nursing session per day but it's at 6.30 am so my pay off for weaning (the girl is 15 months old - maybe next month?) will be to sleep in for the first time in 15 months. Hooray!