Monday, October 13, 2008

And then I think I died, or my head exploded, or I ate some really good choclate...

We've been adventuring in the world of sleeping through the night in our own room around here. You may remember me whining about it before.

We used to move M up to our room every night when we went to bed (we live in a story and a half), so that she was near us. Both for our own peace of mind, and so she slept better. Most of the night she slept in first a cosleeper, later a pack & play. Sometimes she would end with her sleeping with me, but mostly not. It worked, and she got good at being moved in her sleep.

Step one of the sleep on her own thing was to stop moving her. Next, when she would wake up, give her a chance to fall back asleep, and if all else fails, when she woke up she slept next to me again.

Some nights it has been 11 PM when she becomes my personal heat source. Others 2 AM, or 4 AM. (she got her shots in there, so bad sleep is expected) And twice, dare I even write it, I woke up a little cold, shivery, but with my back not in nearly so many knots.

With every night, shots not withstanding, it appears to get better. Now, I know we're bound to back slide some. However, I'm willing to get kicked occasionally if it helps when she's sick, scared, etc.

Tonight, she even wanted to go to bed on her own. Half an hour early. I think some brain may have oozed out my ear.

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