Friday, July 4, 2008

Patriotic Apparel

Today I was on a mission to find socks for the awesome sock monkey I've agreed to give away. All of the others that I had previously made are now living in M's crib. I decided to hit our local American Apparel store, in Uptown. Its a trendy area, not particularly kid friendly, but that doesn't stop it from being filled with the kids of the trendy set that live there. It's home to Shoe Zoo, the local super expensive kids shoe boutique, and my favorite sushi joint.

I found the socks I wanted, got a surprise I wasn't expecting (and not in a good way), and was reminded of something totally bloggable.

First, totally last day to enter my first ever contest. I promise, it is going to be a great sock monkey.

Second, I am not a prude. I need to get that out of the way first. I swear like a sailor, and I work in a field that is primarily men, so I haven't had much to stop me from swearing until I became a parent. Since then I do my best to avoid it at home, and in front of my mother-in-law. It has resulted in some interesting ways of expressing my exasperation, but that is a blog post for a whole other time. I do however think that kids shouldn't be exposed to swear words. Do what you want as an adult, that is what they made the first amendment and free will for. Kids are dealing with enough crap, they don't need it.

So, I was at the AA store, and there was rap music playing. No issue with rap, I own a little, A owns more. I'm listening, and they say shit, ok, not really what I'd like to hear with M's young ears, but that's OK, that is borderline. Then the N word (can't even type it), ok that's not a word you want little ears to hear and then accidentally repeat, then repeatedly hear fuck. Ok, boundary crossed. This is a public clothing store, and while the people working there are doing their best to be uber cool and I am just a fat mommy type, it is still a retail store. So, I said something. Because, of course, I am a bitch. First, I asked who picks out the music. (it's an iPod) Then I say that with kids in the store, even the chance of kids in the store, it is inappropriate. Just imagine you're best you're so uncool and I am so awesome stink eye, and that would be what I got. Eventually they turned it off, and when it started back up, it was Beck, and because she is so cool, M instantly started dancing to it. Take that too cool for us.

Last, something totally blogable, but I think this post is too long as it is, so you're just going to have to come back tomorrow. I promise, its good, feminist (sort of) and a little funny. Oh, and it deals with boobs, you'll come back for boobs, right?

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Mocha said...

Can I get a rousing ATTAGIRL, AMELIA SPROUT!? because you did it! You said what you needed to say and got what you wanted, albeit with the stink eye. Who cares what those kids think? You were protecting your kids ears. Public places like that should be called on it. Whereas, yes, I'm going to say fuck and shit on my site (oh, look! now on yours!) there aren't 5 year olds trying to read me.

I'll be back for boobs.

Also? Have I told you what an amazingly adorable name Amelia Sprout is for a website? Love it. Love it lots.