Monday, June 9, 2008

You lost me at hair transplant

While I don't entirely understand anyone who would want to carry six kids to term, I realize there are people out there with different view points than me, and scientifically speaking, what an amazing feat. I also have a guilty love of certain kinds of reality tv. I like odd science things, like Siamese twins, along with run of the mill nature shows (pass on the snakes however).

So, my latest guilty pleasure, the one that drives the husband nuts, is Jon & Kate + Eight. Yeah, love it. Love to watch them bicker, love to see the crowd of little unique personalities, and their living a "normal" life. I would never do it, but its voyeuristic to be on the outside looking in. I feel terribly guilty, but I just can't stop watching.

Until tonight. Tonight there is playing as we speak, an episode about Jon getting a hair transplant. A yuppy, vain, silly thing. (because bald is sexy, I swear) I could understand her full body lift. I know someone who had one (after gastric bypass that saved her life, then nearly killed her) and I appreciate that someone donated the surgery. You know, practice what you preach and be generous. I like that stuff. However... take time off from raising your 8 kids, which you chose to have, which you get all kinds of help with (yeah, I see that product placement, not everyone thinks you just up and go out to all on yer own) to get a f-in hair transplant. Yeah, totally a needed thing. Yup, sure.

I'm done, has Eureka started yet?

Oh yeah, scruffy haven't shaved look, so not cute. Seriously, makes you look like you're sixteen and trying to grow a beard.

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