Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Garden Tales

It has been a good weekend around here. Yesterday we got out to the Farmer's Market (original Minneapolis one this week) and got snow peas, kale, cilantro, strawberries and green garlic. We napped while it rained and ended on a high note in St. Paul having dinner at Boca Chica's Taco House. (35 years that place has been around, and people are still discovering the awesome salsa)

The garden is doing really well. The tomatoes in the new beds are twice the size of the two in last year's bed. I think that means I needed to add more compost to the old beds each year. For now, I'll fertilize a bit.

The peas are loving their trellis. Most of them have started to hang on. I have a feeling we'll have peas in a week or so.

One of last year's onions was missed, so I'm letting it head out for seed. Well, and because it looks cool.

We at the first radishes from our garden. I cannot get over how much more buttery a really fresh radish is. We'll try roasting them when we have a larger crop.

The cucumbers are doing really well. They're starting to climb their trellis, and we have the beginnings of a lot of cucumbers. I suspect I may have pickling in my future based on the current flower count. M has other ideas though. Cucumbers have turned in to one of her favorite foods.


tere said...

How awesome. I love the pics and the new nasturtium header. I remember a kid or three who used to wander the garden picking peppers, peas and others things and munching them before we could pick them. but then again we had a multiple acre garden. What a wonderful gift you have given M and I see the joy you have with it all. Amazing.
your very proud mom

Pusher said...

Eee! Your garden is so lovely! And a good two weeks ahead of mine.