Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Learning Experience: Fat Girl Running Edition

Things I have learned as a fat girl running:

1. Thin fabrics and short lengths do not work in running skirts. I have too much floppy skin/fat on my inner thighs and it just can't hold its own against that part of my body. (but huge kudos to Running Skirts for the amazing customer service)

2. KT Tape is no match for the size of my knees and the amount I sweat. It lasted (mostly) through one run. Not long enough to justify the price for day to day. Perhaps for races though.

3. Random large men in large Cadillacs will give you props for your running when you dash across the street to get home.

4. So far I have found exactly one pair of running shorts that actually work (as in don't ride up) and that I am not completely freaked out to be seen in. It doesn't help that I have some extra belly skin and I'm tall. I suspect either of those things not being an issue would increase my choices.

5. This would not be possible without the support I get from a very diverse group of people online.

6. Morning comes way earlier than you want it to. It is however the only way to beat 90 degree heat.


Becky said...

I found these knee straps & my husband LOVES them (haven't used them myself). http://www.kk.org/cooltools/archives/004428.php

The link goes to the Cool Tools review of them so you can see better info than I can give you - all I know is they're inexpensive and my husband can't say enough about how they eliminate pain in his knees. So you may want to check them out.

PikaPikaChick said...

What kind of shorts did you find that don't ride up? I'm a big legged woman (and have no soul) and I've never found a decent pair of shorts so I'm forced to run in pants.

beautyredefined said...

Yes, please - share with us which pair of running shorts you actually like! I checked out the local running store, but they were all far shorter than I'd hoped.

Also - have you been to a physical therapist about your knee? Last time I went, I got a good taping technique for my particular problem (everyone is different), and they gave me enough tape to last awhile as well. (And this tape sticks well - the kind you need a solution for removing easily..)