Monday, June 14, 2010

Betty, Yeti, Neti...

I am a really horrible sick person. If you ask my husband I am a champion whiner. If I am sick, it just gets worse. Add to that my need to try to "tough it out" without any drugs for at least a day. You know, because your body has to do its thing to beat the disease. (the irony that I got that attitude from my "anti-drug" parents is not lost on me one little bit) Well, add it all up, and I might as well lock myself in a room because there is no way that I would want to spend any time with me either.

Except today we thought M might be getting sick too, so we kept her home with me. She watched a lot of TV, and my patience ran out about an hour before A got home.

Good thing he brought home spicy Indian food. Then encouraged me to take a bath to relax. Then didn't complain when I went out to get drugs to get me through work tomorrow right before bedtime.

So I've braved a neti pot for the first time (wow I am as congested as I feel), I've got Nyquil for tonight, and I gave over my ID to get the good drugs for tomorrow. We'll see if the opposite of anti-drug does any better.


tere said...

this parent has become a believer in 24 hour sudafed, neti and afrin. along with the umcka, and Vit C and zinc. worked in short term, except woke up after 3 hours wide awake. Had to give up the drugs after 2 nights, but they turned it around with the alternatives too.

kristen said...

I had a close friend in college who swore by the neti pot, she loved that thing.

Good job A on the Indian food and making you relax.

Feel better soon!

Pusher said...

I'm still not sold on the Neti pot. When I was super congested, the saline solution didn't go anywhere, and once I was less congested, well, what's the point? I'm already less congested, and bending over a sink to pour salt water up my nose just feels like adding insult to the injury of the cold.

Yes, I'm also a whiny sick person, how could you tell?