Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Failing and Falling

So, that whole no sugar thing, yeah, I failed. I failed so much I have nearly given up.

I won't though, I will try again. I just think I bit off more than I could chew when we're talking about one of the roughest times of year for me. Not that if I want to accomplish my goals that I won't have to make it through the utter lack of sunlight that is January, it is just that doing much more than maintaining is tough.

So, I've scaled back my goals, at least until it gets nicer outside, and I'm just trying to stay fitting in all of my pants. I'm still working out more than I did the last few months of last year, and I've even started to try to change the schedule for that a bit.

Yesterday I did level 2 of the Shred before M went to bed. She did some stuff with me, and A helped her out some when needed. Tomorrow I try in the morning before she gets up, knowing that if she gets up while I'm working out, she knows what I am doing and thinks it is fun.

I'm buying some kid centered exercise DVD's off of Amazon so that we have things we can do together should my Shredding all the time bore her. I'm also trying to figure out how to include her in my walking when the weather gets warm. I'm thinking maybe a scooter for her birthday.

The only thing I still struggle with is diet. I know stress is driving my compulsion to eat, and that doesn't help. However, the larger issue is that I can't find good, affordable, quick to make food this time of year. Summer was so easy. I had the Farmer's Market, the fresh fruits/veggies and I had my grill to cook everything on. Now I want warm, comforting, and well, hibernation inducing foods.

Any good ideas?


EmmieJ said...

Oooo...ooo...I do I do I do. I've been using the crockpot a lot. I made a super simple recipe the other day.

Chicken breasts (4 - 6), bottle of BBQ sauce, can of crushed pineapple. Cook on low for 8 hours I think.

Serve over steamed (brown) rice with a hearty veggie like broccoli.

I got some other recipes too...let me dig them up and send some more to you. I'm all about the healthy, easy comfort food.

rew said...

I've fallen in love with root veggies, which is weird because I thought I hated them. My trick is LOTS of steamer bags because they are really quick and easy. Chop up a couple of carrots or parsnips and stick them in a bag for 5 minutes in the microwave. Peel and cube 2 turnips and steam and smoosh with a fork and you have faux mashed potatoes.

But here's my new favorite recipe. Slightly more time and effort, but so good.

3 parsnips, peeled and chopped
1 large turnip peeled and cubed
toss your veggies in a little olive oil, then put on a cookie sheet. drizzle with balsamic vinegar, a little kosher salt and pepper, and roast in the oven for about 15 minutes at 350 (until soft). The parsnips especially get this nice, caramely flavor and crisp a little on the ends.

throw these over mixed salad greens or spinach. Sprinkle low fat crumbled feta or some crumbled chevre on top. May need to add a little more salt before you eat.

So tasty, really low cal, good vitamins. The entire thing would be about 600 calories, assuming you ate an entire package of cheese and all of the veggies and a full bag of spinach.

Shanu said...

I thought this Radiolab episode on choice was interesting. Reminded of it, since MPR referenced it again yesterday morning.

Zahra said...

One thing I tend to do in the winter time is make a lot of veggie stews. I find whatever good vegetables I can find and coarse chop them then throw them in a giant pot and cook with some broth and seasonings until everything is nice and tender. I tend to use a lot of root vegetables in these stews since that's what I find the most of. I also make lentil soup with some cubed veggies in it, and split pea soup with carrots, sweet potatoes, celery, onions, etc. I try to make a giant pot in the weekend and we eat them for dinner all week -- sometimes with a salad on the side or a nice hunk of bread or just some lean protein. I find these to be comforting dinners, which is what I need, because I also eat because of stress, especially at night. Still, it is a daily struggle. I feel your pain.

Heather said...

I love your goals. They're modest, easily manageable and they don't have a number attached to them. I no longer set goals in which I hope to be x number of pounds by a certain date. I used to want to be at goal by the time I was 40. That might have been possible two years ago, but I'm less then two years away from 40 and don't need that kind of pressure. Right now my goal is to just keep moving forward, making little changes that will hopefully reap big benefits some day.

Christina said...

Sometimes it's two steps forward, one step back. But the goal is to keep on taking those steps, right?

I've been doing OK with food, but only because work keeps me from eating sometimes. Exercise is a different story, though, and I need to get back into exercising again.

I think your goals are perfect for you right now. Little goals will give you the self-esteem and confidence to keep going as you meet each one.

Tikki said...

Have you tried all recipes? They have a healthy eating section. I've had good luck there. I pay attention to the reviews so when I make it I know it will be good!