Monday, January 18, 2010


I love my bankers holidays sometimes. I had been looking forward to this three day weekend since I survived the holidays. It is like my reward for making it through awkward family situations. A has to work, but M and I have made a tradition out of going to visit him for lunch. Sometimes I've even braved the zoo.

I had visions of cleaning, of writing posts showing off my awesome new glasses, and of just hanging out with my best girl. She's been great lately. All cuddles and snuggles and I love you's after a pre-Christmas growth/development spurt had her nearly vomiting split pea soup.

It started Wednesday. My lovely dishwasher that is six years old refused to drain. It is a portable one, our odd kitchen won't house a built in one. Not to mention I like extra crap counter space. The repair will only cost me 1/3 the of a new one. Oh, and weekend of hand washing dishes. Which next to mowing the lawn is my least favorite part of not having a maid.

That would have been fine. Nothing a little lotion for my poor dry hands wouldn't fix. Saturday had other ideas.

According to the Dr. we are at phase two of what could be up to a 10 day stomach bug for M. She's hopeful her age means a faster recovery. What does phase two mean? Well, that would be the phase after projectile vomiting for a day, where they start to feel better, then get issues of a more southern variety.


Parenting is awesome! Any chance I could trade this one in for a head cold maybe instead? I'll even take a high fever for good measure.

Wait, no, I didn't mean that. Just get me through this. The repair man comes tomorrow to fix the dishwasher.


Christina said...

We've got the high fever and coughing here. Mira developed it seemingly overnight, and I have a feeling I'll be up most of the night with her.

Hope the dishwasher is fixed soon - I don't know what we ever did without one.

Syl (previously known as Shib) said...

It's worse when the patient of vomitting and diarrhea is a 34 year old husband. Mine picked up some bacteria in India. :( I hope she gets better soon.

Shanu said...

I had one of my odd LOL moments when you said your dishwasher was only six years old; and I'm thinking, wait, A is much older than that and M had better be younger than six!

Good luck ... be prepared for the repairman to not have the part, have to order it, and then schedule a follow-up repair visit a week later. Hopefully it turns out better than that :D

Zahra said...

Yikes! I haven't dealt with a stomach flu yet luckily. I hope M gets better soon.