Friday, November 20, 2009

Things I Love Right Now

Hoodie with built in fingerless glove things. I may not be able to run outside (too dark) but it is nice for typing in the cold office.

I finished my MIL's yearly calendar. Always a challenge to make sure I get a balance of grand kid photos in it, and I'm done, and they are balanced.

Lists. I made one of my holiday tasks and it isn't so bad for just about Thanksgiving.

Ripe pears. I haven't had a good one in years, but the ones I got ripened perfectly. Yummy.

Sleeping in. I get to on Sunday.

The Internet. I was able to easily see that M's Ped had H1N1 vaccine and could schedule online without a phone wait.

Tall sizes. I love not having the arms of my shirts be short. I am an orangutan, just like my dad.

Weekends. Another day of work would have sucked.


Tracy said...

Sleeping in the best one on your list! Hard, he not impossible, to do with a little rug rat.
Happy ICLW!
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Jennifer said...

It's Sunday! Happy sleeping in day! Hope it was great. I enjoy making lists too. I envy you your need for tall sizes. Even regulars make me look like I'm playing dress up with my big sister's clothes.

Becky aka MsBatman said...

Things I love right now?
Autumn leaves
Fires in fireplaces
snuggling up with BF
Chili for dinner
Eclipse (book #3)

Oh and tall sizes, when you're a size 3 and 5' 7" nothing is ever long enough or skinny enough and it sucks.

C said...

That's a great list of things to love. I'll definitely second the internet and holiday lists!