Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tiger, Bears and Brother's Oh My!

I just realized that it is Sunday, and I've barely posted this last week. It has been, without a doubt, a cruddy week. Because I can't write about work, and I needed so much to just deal with how crappy it has been, I apparently clammed up, both here and on Twitter.


It has not been uneventful. There was the furnace that stopped working, and then started again. That has nothing wrong with it. At least I have a supply of space heaters now. Of course I can only run two at once because my house is wired all messed up. M gets a space heater, we do not.

Then well, work. That is it. My job is still lovely, unfortunately, people are human. I include myself in that.

This last week was the transition week to Preschool. It went well, she is fitting right in. It helps it is a class that has remained somewhat constant for her. She has talked about all of the kids when they moved up and she is happy to see them again. Friday we topped off her week by going to the circus. I chaperoned despite knowing that she would ultimately misbehave for me. She did well, the other girl in my charge did well. I was conflicted. I knew that at two and half I can't really explain the issues with the circus. So we went, and I know that conversation needs to happen at a later date.

I atoned myself, a little, by going to Zoo yesterday with my brother (in town for the weekend). M had a great time, we got to see two of the bears "hugging" as well as some tigers up close and personal. Seeing every animal lounging in the spots of sun (easy way to find the ones who like to hide on a cold day) while enjoying spacious environments made me feel a lot better. It was also nice to see M wear out somebody other than me for a change.

I'm trying hard to just make it through the weekend get the laundry done, and brace myself for what will be another rough week. M still isn't sleeping well, she's skipping naps, work will be nuts, even before I miss out on sleep, and well, you know, life.

At least my cold is gone and I can start working out again.


Boston Mamas said...

I know those weeks... hang in there. Find some moments to take some deep and mindful breaths... -Christine

Birdie said...

oh my gosh, i'm right there with you on the no-posting due to crazy life stuff! glad M is adjusting to pre-school! that's gotta make you feel good.

i'm gonna try to post something today...