Monday, October 12, 2009

Mother of the Snow Day

It is October 12th. It is SNOWING! (sorry for the alarm, but this, this is not normal, even for the frozen tundra)

The following is what my daughter will be going in to school with today, a snow day, in OCTOBER!

  • Half of her winter jacket from last year. I found the liner, but not the outside. I have absolutely no idea where the rest of the jacket is. I have searched everywhere. I could have just gotten her another one from Target late last night, but I figured this year, we'd get her a more cold tolerant jacket, you know, maybe by November.
  • Snow boots from last year. Thankfully Target shoes run large, so they still fit. This year I was planning on getting her a better pair, so she could play more in the snow. You know, in November.
  • Snow pants from last year. Well, at least they were big last year and have adjustable bib overalls this year. Sorry to daycare for the fact that they'll need to adjust them. I just found them this morning while getting ready to go.
  • One pair of "really they only are for looks" mittens. I was going to knit her a wool pair. Likely still will. These were all I could find, unless I wanted her in mismatched maybe too small mittens.
  • Her new hat! Well, at least I got one thing right.

I really hope I'm not the only parent who barely got it together for this one. Her teacher tried to make me feel better and say that maybe they'll just go for a skyway walk.

At least I found enough to buy me some time to find her a good jacket and boots. On a related note, I also need some winter clothes for myself. My new as of last Christmas down vest is too big, my big winter coat fits, but I still need a mid weight jacket for fall. (well, maybe, if it still happens) I think I've lost enough to justify the expenditure. Especially since while I WILL lose more weight, my arms aren't getting any shorter, and that usually determines what size I've worn in outerwear. Damn the orangutan arms I got from my dad.

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The Fritz Facts said...

Oh man, you are so not alone. Boo is out of school all week, and I said yesterday that we were lucky I buy her coats big enough for two years. BUT, she doesn't have boots, can't FIND her snow pants and really wanted to play outside.

Thank goodness her brother had some windpants that worked in a pinch...I better find those.