Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Girls Don't Take Naps

M is giving up her naps. Well, at least at home. Daycare seems to still be able to use group think to get her to sleep, most of the time.

We knew this was coming before we made her give up the Nuk, I guess I just hoped she was kidding. She isn't. Saturday it took her almost two hours to calm down and finally sleep. We let her sleep for half an hour and then made her get up. Sunday we finally gave up and let her watch the end of the Viking's game. (while I tried to sleep on the couch myself)

Perhaps the most disturbing development is that my dad says that I gave up napping around the same age, as did he. He said we both slept better at night, just like M does when she doesn't nap. While I am sure that I will miss things like grocery shopping alone, crafting, and "adult entertainment", having her sleep better at night wouldn't be a bad thing. As it is, if she naps, it takes her almost two hours sometimes to fall asleep.

We'll still try to make her nap, especially if we know she'll be up late, but it just isn't worth fighting it if she won't go down. Besides, I sort of like the absolutely loopy way she sings when she's really tired.

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tere said...

please send a recording or call. I want to hear this.

When you were 2 2/2 I remember being pregnant with you Bother and being just worn out and laying on the couch and saying, You play right here and wake me up if you need anything. of course a one room house did help there not be a place you could hide or get into too much.

love your mom