Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Yard Full of Memories

Part of the fun of vacation for me is to take pictures. I am still chugging along with my little point and shoot, trying to justify the expenditure of a DSLR (and the macro lens I would have to have with it).

Yarrow is a natural bug repellent. When we were kids we used to rub it on our arms before a walk in the woods. Mostly, it is just beautiful with it's lacy leaves and simple flowers.

Fine, so I have no idea what these are. They are new from when I lived at home, but are surrounded by the ferns. If we still had a shade yard I would plant ferns in it.

This is part of a small rose bush that we gave my mom one year for mother's day. It has grown in to more of a rose hedge (8 feet tall and six feet wide) more than once and been trimmed back. It lines the alley just daring the kids to ride their bikes into it.

I've said I didn't want the Hollyhocks for my yard, but I know my mom loved them. I just fear their takeover of everything.

A weed to so many, I remember sucking the nectar out of cover petals when I was little. That is what you do when your parents won't let you eat sweets.

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confused homemaker said...

Loving those pictures, nature is just so amazing.