Monday, September 14, 2009

The Giant Kale

This is the kale plant in my garden. For reasons I cannot explain, it is my favorite vegetable. However, this is a decorative variety. Edible I am sure, but mostly meant to be pretty.

It was supposed to be a lovely 17 to 19 inches tall.

It will is nearly 5 feet tall. I guess after the six and a half foot tall tomatoes I shouldn't be shocked. Still, it just keeps getting taller. Maybe it is fighting for light besides the super tall tomatoes. No matter what, I love it. It continues to be great for taking pictures and making me happy.

* There is a part of this that some people will get more than others. I just ask that those of you that get it, don't give it away. Just get a good giggle at the expense of my garden.


ShoNuff said...

We grew some last year and it made it to about 4 ft so I think the tag lies (as my wife said sometime) and then you got the extra foot because it had to fight for light. That's my guess...

tere said...

Lovely and very edible. not sure why they make the distinction on decorative. Maybe no fertile soil keeps them short.