Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am a changed woman! (sort of)

First, some things you need to know:

1. My over eating happens when I'm stressed. Without a doubt, that is the part that is hardest for me to control.

2. I've been on the happy pills for a little over two weeks. I may start to notice some effects now, but by no means have they totally kicked in.

3. I've been relatively faithful in journaling my food for over two weeks. I take one day a week off so I don't have to care where I go out to eat, and I took off a couple off days for my birthday so I could eat some damn cake. So far, I've managed to lose over five pounds by exercising more and eating better.

Today was a massively stressful day. I have now joined that club of parents that no one tells you about when you're childless. That club for parents of a majorly, painfully, maybe hemorrhoid causing constipated toddler. I was up part of the night and ended up coming in to work two hours late because of it. I am also in the middle of a major release at work. Never fails to cause some kind of drama that I need to respond to on top of little sleep and being late.

This would have been the perfect excuse for me to eat like a pig before. Not huge portions, just all of that happy comfort food that isn't remotely good for you. Burritos, ice cream, pasta salad with mayo dressing. Today I had every intention of letting lose and eating what I wanted. I went off in search of something really really bad. But then, I couldn't do it. I couldn't just pig out. None of the bad stuff sounded good. Eating a lot sounded horrible.

I'm apparently a changed woman. I ended up getting a light pasta salad (vinaigrette) and a small, mayo free sandwich (which I only at half of, the rest for dinner) so still not awesome, but certainly not the kind of food I would have gotten before. I did get myself a sweet treat, but I took all day to eat it and gave some of it away.

Who knew? I certainly didn't. Now I'm off to risk getting soaked just because I need to exercise.


tere said...

Great news. Good work. Love the new header. You are an awesome photographer. Glad you have fun in the garden. Proud of you da.
love your mom.

confused homemaker said...

Be proud of yourself for not going to the junk. It's hard when you are feeling stressed not to reach for comfort food, at least for me it is.

Marketing Mama said...

Hey - that's awesome! Great news. I'd be all over a burrito in a heartbeat. I don't think we've talked about this before, and it's a total TMI for a blog comment section - but if you haven't tried toddler/child suppositories, you should totally do it. Like drive to a 24 hour Walgreens and pick some up. They have totally helped us. e-mail me if you want to talk more about it.

The Fritz Facts said...

I am a boredom eater, and have been working so hard at that lately. I don't NEED to eat when I am watching TV, but I WANT too. Big difference.

I have been looking forward to your posts on your weightloss journey, so inspiring!