Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birthdays, tornadoes and fresh salsa

My birthday on Friday was overall a good day. A relatively slow day at work in the morning, and an afternoon trying to nap and finally giving up and going to buy myself shoes. I had every intention of trying to find some cute low heeled shoes for work. (all of my pants are just enough enough I can't wear flats with them) Instead I got two new pairs of flats and I need to take my pants to a tailor to get them hemmed. Good thing I got that extra pair of jeans.

After dinner it was out to my favorite neighborhood restaurant, (locals would be wise to try it out) which may also be my only neighborhood restaurant. I should mention them here every day because of how much I love them. Not only for the most delectable Reuben made with large slabs of home made corned beef, but also because they have the most respectable children's menu I have ever seen. Grilled chicken, grilled cheese (with high end cheddar), or a burger, all child portioned with either green beans or peas, fresh fruit & french fries. They bring the fruit first and have always left of the fries for me. Too bad M didn't finish much while she was having a potty emergency. I ended up eating my cake alone while A took her home to go potty. I walked back in a drizzle, but the quiet was nice.

Saturday we had a child Dr. emergency that turned out to be a slight waste of 25 bucks, but maybe not in that it came with some good advice. I will refrain from blogging about it for her future embarassment and the search terms that it could create.

After that drama, my dad came over to babysit so I could drag A to a chick flick. We saw Julie & Julia. Good movie, the blog aspect was interesting, but mostly it left me wanting to go out and buy all of Julia Child's DVD's and watch them and cook. Also, I need to improve my knife skills.

I thought I was in for a relaxing evening, but a tornado had other ideas. It seems to have not touched down near here, but the hook was just to the north of us. We woke up M, contained the dog, and headed for the basement. By far the most frightening storm we've had in recent memory. Especially since if they come in from that direction there next stop is the BIL & SIL's house. Fortunately it passed by them as well.

Finally today M and I braved the Minneapolis Farmer's market for fresh veggies for the week. We left with a head of broccoli the size of a oversize dinner plate, lots of Michigan blueberries, cucmbers, tomatoes and other assorted veggies. I've already made fridge pickles and roasted poblanos for chili rellenos laster in the week. There should be one legitimately ripe tomato out of my garden soon, but that just isn't enough. I bought four more and now I'm off to spend the rest of M's nap making salsa.


confused homemaker said...

Happy belated birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful year:) And my Hubby loves Julia Child, apparently his Grandma watched her when he was a kid.

the prisoner's wife said...

Happy belated Birthday!! Hope you had a great day (and are still celebrating!)

1) i love salsa. you're making me hungry just thinking about the freshness! yum!

2) i wanna see Julie & Julia as well. i have a friend coming in from NY, so maybe that will give me an excuse to go see it.

Jill said...

What a great weekend! Happy belated birthday to you!! If you're going to BlogHer next year, we can celebrate together!!