Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Garden Update

My mom, grandma Tere, will be here tomorrow (blogging may be light through the weekend). She sent these with my brother earlier this week (she is at his house first). I know they get a bad rap, but I love them for taking the dog out/gardening. Also, when my feet were huge when I was pregnant, they were all that fit. I finally have a girly colored pair. It isn't like I wear them to the store. Just to drive my car to the Starbucks drive through.

Every other day, sometimes daily, I pick between two and four tender young summer squash off of my two plants. Monday night I picked tiny ones, swearing there was no way I would have any until Thursday. Tonight I picked four, including one larger one. Good thing they are great grilled and I like them in salads.

I've been eating some of the flowers, but mostly the nasturtium is good for being pretty. It is getting a big leggy, and I cut some of it back to make room for the peppers, but the flowers are unreal. So bright and cheerful.

We've had about eight peas off of the one larger plant I had, and as soon as the rest of them start flowering, I know I will have tons. Tonight M and I ate about 10 green beans right out of the garden. I am incredibly proud that I am teaching her where food comes from. I'm also more than a little tickled that she is like me and will just eat stuff right there, in the yard.

When my tomatoes ripen, I will be drowning in them the way I drown in summer squash right now. I can't wait. Neither can A. He has already requested that he get a tomato, salt, and pepper in his lunches every day when they become available. To go with the tomatoes I will have a peck of jalapenos. Two plants, tons of peppers. The first one was eaten last night. Fresh is always better.


Rebecca said...

Ymmmm. Hungry now. Especially for garden-fresh tomatoes.

Shanu said...

Curious how many peppers you get. I've always hesitated to plant Serrano's because they are so cheap at the store and I didn't think a couple of plants would yield that much.

kristen said...

Hi Grandma Tere!!!

We've been enjoying spinach from our garden. Yes, we could easily buy way more at the supermarket than what our garden will yield, but the fact that we grew it and that it's way more tender and delicious than what we can buy makes it worth it.