Saturday, July 4, 2009

Get me my cane!

It is somewhere between 10:30 and 11 PM and I am sitting in my home office. M will likely be up early again, due to adjustment to big girl bed, and I would much rather be asleep.

Instead I am sitting here on edge because half of my neighborhood apparently had enough time to drive somewhere you can get illegal fireworks. No time to mow their lawn, but this they have time for.

Living in the city sometimes really sucks. Out in the country, no one cares what you set off. In fact, some of them really get a kick out of seeing what the neighbors got in North Dakota. Here, where my neighbors are 8 feet away from me on either side, I care a lot.

Three years ago, a wayward firecracker thrown from a passing car lit my neighbors car on fire, and my tree as well. If it weren't for my nuts dog barking at a glowing window, my car would have been toast as well. I get that it sucks to drive somewhere in the middle of the afternoon, just to see the fireworks at night. But that is no reason to risk life, limb, or your neighbors property, just for some oo's and ah's. I hear fireworks in HD aren't all that bad.

It will be another hour before I can relax enough to sleep. Good for my potholder making, but not so bad. If you were the one who drove to Wisconsin for illegal gains, keep this in mind. In 2006 illegal fireworks killed 11 people and injured nearly 11,000 more. Not to mention property damage (friend J's neighborhood lost a house, yet they still set them off).

Why yes, I am 80 and stuck in a 31 year old body. Why do you ask?


April said...

i'm with you. some asshats in our neighborhood thought it would be a good idea to shoot off fireworks until 2am. which woke the 2yo twice and it took over an hour each time to get him back down. i am so. flipping. tired.

The Fritz Facts said...

Wait...I need to get my walker out because I am right there with you.

Two years ago we lived in a townhome complex, and some num-nuts was shooting Roman Candles (illegal in MN by the way) of his second floor DECK! I about freaked out, but called the cops instead. lol

I don't mind them on the weekends, because my hubby will do a fountain on the weekend if we are in the back with a bonfire going, but during the week you know I will be out there yelling after 10.