Friday, June 12, 2009

Mary Mary How Does Your Garden Grow

With plants who needed rain more than I realized.

And bright yellow marigolds.
And radishes that had better be making something good under the ground.

And more marigolds & nasturtiums.

I will be making sure to water more heavily from now on. I am getting tomato flowers, big juicy pepper flowers, and thinning the lettuce is mighty tasty.

So, if you planted a garden, how is it doing? How soon will harvest be? Anything good from the CSA?


tere said...

haven't gotten much more than nasturtium flowers from our garden and rosemary and parsley which was inside all winter. the CSA though has lettuce, braising greens, green garlic, onions, beets, carrots, turnips, bok choy. Fruit has been coming from small place in CA so strawberries, with local ones to come this week.

Blossoms on tomatoes, beets coming up. Love your header and the pictures.

Christina said...

We've got broccoli coming out of our ears right now - I can't pick all of it fast enough to keep it from flowering. And I've thinned the lettuce twice now - yum!

One of my pepper plants is finally starting to grow and get some buds. And the cucumbers plants are just starting to grow, too.

I added some zucchini plants last week. I thought they might not make it, but they're starting to bounce back now.

Your garden looks so much greener than mine!