Sunday, May 17, 2009


At some point during one of my gardening sprees, I got some top soil that obviously was torn from some cow pasture. Either that or it was some manure. Either way, it came with a lot of annoyances, including thistles, which I think are pretty, but are not kid friendly weeds, and columbine. I am constantly torn between removing it from where it should not be, and "ooo, the pretty". This year it sprouted up by the garage. In an area I cannot mow, and a broken weed wacker cannot cut. So this year, it stays. I am so pleased the decision to keep it has been made for me.

Maybe next year M will be old enough to show her how to suck the honey out without opening it up for her to try to eat all of the other flowers.


ShoNuff said...

If you decide to get rid of the Columbine let me know. I love it and would find a place Pusher would let me keep it.

tere said...

Nice, keep all of them. Thistles be gone. Dandelion diggers work great.
Great photo's da!!