Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bike Commuting with a Toddler

So, we did it. We survived. Somewhere around 12 miles round trip, to and from work, and everyone arrived where they needed to be safe and sound. It was wonderful to start my day with exercise, instead of ending it with exercise. I felt great all day long. I want to do this whenever I can, and I think I've learned some valuable lessons for if we do this again. I'm breaking it down to bullet points, because I love bullet points.

What I wish I had known before:

  • Apparently the temp this morning may or may not have started with a 3. That is in the same range as freezing. I was determined to do it, so I kind of sort of didn't totally pay attention to the weather, other than the expect high.

What I loved:

  • I love M's seat. It is a Topeak Baby Seat. I only wish we had done this last year so I had a whole extra year of her riding with me. This will be the only year we can, next year another option will need to be found unless she doesn't gain any weight or get taller. I feel totally secure with her in it.
  • My basket, dorky as it may be. I got a basket last night, a must for with the seat when I can't really have a messenger bag in M's face. I smell a bike picnic some time in our future.
  • Minneapolis's bike trails. We had a bike lane almost all the way in and I felt comfortable in it even when traffic got heavier.

What I may do in the future: (if this becomes a regular thing, I will need to refine a few things)

  • Lights. I need lights even if we are out during the day. A tail light at the most. I would feel more comfortable.
  • Mirror. Again, a comfort thing. Checking behind me with the weight in front and behind is a little cumbersome, a mirror would be a good idea.
  • Water. I need to drink less right before I leave work, and bring it with for the ride.
  • Breakfast. I need to pack or plan to have a hearty breakfast after I get to work. Maximize calorie burn and um, I was hungry. Also, small snack at home in the morning.
  • A small lock for the child seat. So I can leave my bike with it on it without worrying someone is going to walk off with it.
  • An ergonomic girly saddle. Um, the bones, they be hurting. I may want to invest in a better saddle.
About the picture: I wanted photographic proof, but my camera settings were messed up and I didn't notice. Between that and my squinting and totally inaccurate sour look, (and the no M face rule), I went all weird, but you get the gist. We did it, there is proof.


jen @ negative lane said...

I am totally amazed and in awe of your ability to bike commute with a toddler. And wasn't National Bike to Work Day today? You made it a multi-generational event!

Susan said...

I love this!