Friday, May 22, 2009

Bike Commuting With Kid Day 3 - I feel free!

I'm not going to document every time we do this, but I figure that while I'm starting, my info could maybe be helpful to someone else out there. I'm definitely still in the learning phase, so I feel that sharing is good thing.

This morning the ride in was pleasant, if not almost a little chilly. I think I can go up to about 70 without having any issues on the ride in. As in, will not get sweaty enough to feel uncomfortable with my lack of shower facility. As for the rides home, A and have an agreement now that if it is too hot to reasonably ride home with M, he will get her from daycare so I can still get the exercise in.

Today I put that slightly to the test when I rode home after working a half day. I was back later to get a haircut and pick her up, via car. I like riding alone. Not that I don't like having the time to get exercise and be with her, but I like riding alone just as much.

After that ride, and one yesterday, I decided to not wait until pay day and get a new saddle. I just couldn't hold out for another week. The girl parts, they just could not handle it. The new one should work good, if not, it has a 90 day return policy.

Other than that, I'm feeling pretty comfortable. Today was my first ride since the tragic accident, and I made sure I practiced what I preached. I have decided that if it comes down to me or a semi at an intersection, he gets to go first. I would rather know where he is going through an intersection instead of worry if he knows where I am. Not every cyclist out on the road with me today agreed with that, but considering what is drafting behind me, I figure I can't afford to not do that.

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