Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Olympic volleyball maybe?

Today was M's 2 yr checkup. Compared to previous visits, it was blissfully short. She didn't even scream for her shot, she sat through getting her lead test (a must if you live in an old house) and was super excited about her band aid after everything.

The only really fun part was the stats. I share not to brag, but because of my mild horror. I hear that being tall comes with challenges. It is a lot of head bumps, and I already know the issues with finding clothes and I'm not all that tall.

I knew she was tall, I did. The 4T shirts fit shockingly well. She had a recent growth spurt, and I knew she was getting up there. I though, 37 inches, maybe 38. She was 35.75 at her 18 mo. appointment. However, I wasn't prepared for this.

Height: 40.25 inches.
Weight: 30.25 pounds.

Ok, so maybe her head was a little off when they measured. You try measuring a squirmy kid. However, if I put in my height (5'8") and A's height (6'4") and her two year height into the height predictor, I get this:

Your girl will likely be 6 ft. 5 in. at age 18.

Learn More - This prediction is a "best guess" but it's still just that -- a guess. Based on the formula we used* there is a 50 percent chance that your girl's full-grown height will be within 0.7 inches (above or below) of this prediction, and a 90 percent chance that it will be within 1.7 inches.

Fine, take an inch off for a little error on the part of the woman measuring.

Your girl will likely be 6 ft. 3 in. at age 18.

The doc did say "if she continues her current growth curve". Which would make me think maybe she won't, except her feet are like seriously large (size 9). If she's anything like a puppy....


Syl (previously known as Shib) said...

Basketball legend in the making?

Christina said...

Yay, another Amazon Warrior Princess!

I can tell you that she will slow down some. Cordy was on a similar growth curve, but finally slowed down around 3 years old. She's only grown an inch or two in the last year. (Still in a size 6, though.)

Sarah @ said...

My husband comes from an entire family of tall folk. The shortest woman is 6'0", but most of the women measure in between 6'2" and 6'4". Heck, my husband's niece is probably going to pass me up height-wise any day now. I'm 5'5" and she's 6 years old.

My understanding is that the disadvantages are that people treated them like they were slow, because they thought they were older than they were. And people ask the same questions over and over again. Oh, and it's a little tough to find a date for Prom.

But on the up side? They can all reach every cabinet in the kitchen and in my pantry without any trouble at all. HOW COOL IS THAT?!