Friday, April 24, 2009

Not a skill I wanted her to learn

Tonight M did something new. Something that she has never done before, at least not intentionally.

She laid on a guilt trip.

Maybe it started this morning when I stuck to my "if you pee in your pull-ups, you go back to a diaper". That resulted in a five minute melt down that only ended when I promised she could carry the keys out to the car. Obviously, we didn't start the day on a good note.

Tonight I worked late. Something I had to do last Friday as well. Last Friday I made it home for bedtime, but a few times recently, I haven't. I usually call at bedtime and say good night. Tonight, she didn't want to talk to me. I had called earlier, and I am guessing she was clearly mad I wasn't going to be home.

No good nights, no I love you's, nothing. I was persona non grata.

Just to prove to her there were no hard feelings, when I made it home and she was still awake, I went in for hugs and kisses. It took her a bit to decide if she wanted any, but I'm glad she didn't fall asleep mad at me.


tere said...

get use to it. Teenagers can do that for weeks at a time.
love your mom

Rebecca said...

Yikes. You have a smart one on your hands!

Birdie said...

HOLY COW I think you're in for trouble :)

Sarah @ said...

Oh, wow. I don't even know how else you could possibly handle that besides going in for hugs and snuggles. She sounds like she has a stubborn streak.