Monday, April 13, 2009

The good, the bad, the ugly

So, it was a bad week for me food wise. We ate out a LOT, and at places where healthy was just not an option. Add to that Easter, birthday cake, and well, I gained weight. Not a lot, under five pounds, so totally could be some water weight from all the salty food, but still, not super awesome.

Oh well though, right? Because it will be gone before I know it and despite all of that bad eating, I worked out in a specific sense 6 out of the 7 days last week. As in with intention and not making excuses. The one day I didn't, we chased M around Duluth for the day.

The best part was that I did the Shred after like two weeks off and it was surprisingly easy. I used only 5 pound weights, I did more push-ups than I have done before (modified, but with feet in the air), and the jumping jacks didn't kill my knees.

That last one I think is in no small part due to my taking glocosamine for the last near month. Oh, and you know the regular exercise. To start off this week today we walked around the MN Zoo with a couple of my friends from work and their daughters. I didn't bring M's stroller to make sure she got some exercise, and because it guaranteed that I would get more because of occasionally carrying her. My friends sort of thought I was nuts, but it was intentional. I want her to get used to having to be active. It frustrates me so much to see bigger kids still riding in strollers. The battles that come with her walking totally seem worth it to me if she develops good habits around her health.

So that is it. Last week was a success exercise wise, this week I get back on track eating wise. Tomorrow Kristen is finally going to go out for a walk with me. If I remember to take my inhaler before my walk, I may even jog a little.

Oh, one other thing. I'm putting off posting any pictures of progress until I get to this specific weight I have in mind. Specifically 230. I figure that you should be able to see in pictures without squinting.

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