Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hanging off the edge of the wagon.

By far one of the hardest things for me is sticking to any kind of a diet/health kick during stressful times at work. We're doing a major conversion right now, which means long hours, food brought in from outside, and little time at home to be healthy. This last week we've eaten out more than we've eaten at home.

The part that sealed as a horrid week was tonight. I had a pretty healthy dinner planned at home, and right before I was about to start making, we discovered M in the office, trying to eat my pins. Straight pins use for sewing. We weren't sure if she had eaten one, so we headed off to the ER for an x-ray. Yay! Right at dinner time. Whoopee! We were all starving by the time the two hour ordeal was over (she didn't eat anything, false alarm, but not one you want to guess wrong about).

The only place on the way home from Children's was a McDonald's. Yeah, not pretty at all. At least I had a small breakfast and really light (nearly skipped it) lunch. No time to really work out when I got home either.

All I'm really hoping for is to break even on weighing in this week.

All of this bad week stuff is tempered by the fact that I am currently wearing my Gap jeans. After YEARS, I fit into a pair of size 20 Gap jeans. They're like comfy and not any special plus size fit. I also had to go back to LB and get a pair of smaller black jeans for work (anyone need a pair of size 4 red fits?). Also, today I went for a walk with M. I walked farther, with less strain on me, than I have in a long time. My lungs weren't burning by the time we were done.

So, bad week, but next week will be better. I'll bring a salad in to work tomorrow (yes, on Sunday) and skip the catered food, and I'll 30 Day Shred when I get home.


Shib said...

You can do it. sometimes it feels like, somebody up there is just trying to make us fail, doesn't it?

You have been so strong (and my inspiration to start the 30DS), I know you'll get through this :)

Birdie said...

i think you are doing great! and excersise can be a great stress reliever- do it for your sanity!! :)